About this IP Changer

This is a Firefox add-on that changes your IP address by swapping browser proxy settings. This is the exact same software that comes with the iPrivacyTools.com service, but without the private IP relays. Instead, you'll use the "free proxy" instructions below for entering public settings.

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Work on PC and Mac

This software works on PC and Mac, but you must be using Firefox. If you prefer another browser, that's okay - you can simultaneously surf with your regular IP address on that browser while surfing with your changed IP on Firefox.

Installation Instructions

Please read my short terms of use and then click here to install. If Firefox asks for permission, just click "Allow". Feel free to scan this add-on with any antivirus that you have. Once installed, you'll see a dropdown box appear on your Firefox browser toolbar.

Uninstall is easy

If you later decide that you don't want the IP Changer software, just go to the Firefox menu for "Tools -> Addons -> Extensions" then click "IP Changer" and "Remove".

Instructions for Use

1) You'll need to add some proxy settings in order to surf freely with the IP Changer (see next section).

2) Select "Clear" anytime to return to surfing with your regular (direct) IP address.

Add free proxy settings

A proxy server is a server that relays your Internet traffic. If anonymous, websites that you visit while using the proxy will see the IP address of that server, and not yours. Our IP changer software simplifies the process of connecting to such servers.

There are numerous websites that provide free* proxy settings - just google around. One example site is: Xroxy.com (from their homepage, click "Proxy List"). On that list, you'll want to look for "anonymous" settings, and will need the "IP address" and "Port" numbers from the list.

To enter those settings into your IP Changer, click the "Edit list" selection on the IP Changer toolbar. Then simply use the same syntax for entering the proxy data as you see on the existing list by (1) clicking "Add", (2) scrolling down, and (3) doubleclicking in the empty spaces to enter proxy data. The first column is just any nickname that you choose, the second column is the IP address, and the third column is the port. When finished adding settings, click "Okay"

You can test settings by going to a site like FindMyIPAddress.com to see if they connect (and change your IP address). It takes some trial and error to find free AND working public proxy servers, but many people do this. To save time with testing, see the next section.

Add settings in bulk

You can use the "Import list" function on the dropdown menu to add a bunch of proxies at the same time (saves time for testing). Simply save a text file with the following format, where are the IP addresses, and 1234 are the ports:

<Proxy><name>My IP 1</name><server></server><port>1234</port></Proxy>
<Proxy><name>My IP 2</name><server></server><port>1234</port></Proxy>
<Proxy><name>My IP 3</name><server></server><port>1234</port></Proxy>
<Proxy><name>My IP 4</name><server></server><port>1234</port></Proxy>
<Proxy><name>My IP 5</name><server></server><port>1234</port></Proxy>

...Proper capitalization of "PROXY" and "Proxy" is important.

...Save the text file with the extension ".xml". Then import the settings via the "Import list" selection on the IP Changer.

*Warning about free settings

There are some security risks of using "public" proxy servers. Most importantly, since it's difficult to know who is operating such servers and what their intentions are, be sure that any passwords you enter are on a secure (ssl/https) page. In general, use public proxies only for web "browsing", and NOT for password logins, financial transactions, email, or other private communications.

Paid options

If you need higher performance than what you're getting with the free proxy settings, iPrivacyTools.com provides private IP relays that can be imported into this IP Changing software. If you need your own dedicated IP address and/or high bandwidth for video/audio streaming, I'm also available to help you setup your very own dedicated IP relay. My website is at www.MyOtherIP.com


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